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Our project engineering and integration services streamline the implementation ensuring quick, accurate, and efficient specification of facility components, avoiding the inefficiency of working with multiple suppliers and reducing project implementation time and complexities.

Equally as important as selecting the right components and subsystems is having them all work together effectively. AIMS's integration services experts ensure you a productive system and that your terminals operate efficiently.
AIMS is using Smart Process® Terminal Management Solutions, which can be customized to encompass assessment of terminal operation, conceptual automation design, detail engineering, procurement, project management, configuration, and commissioning.
Our expertise in terminal automation enables us to provide fully engineered comprehensive solutions.

Operations expertise

With more than 12 years of experience and many Terminal Management System (TMS) installations, AIMS can engineer efficient new facilities or analyze and improve your existing operations.
Terminals can be complex and comprise many field devices and systems

Few single-source vendors understand the operations well enough to integrate all terminal subsystems as a packaged offering