Through our years of experience we were able to gain the trust of many successful long term communication with many clienteles around the world. This trust was built because of our dedication, professional customer service, and high business standards.
IT Chain can help you satisfy your needs and achieve your goals.
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- Zust Bachmeier of Switzerlandng
- Makkah Advertising
- Saudi Shipping Company
- Tchad Cameron Logistiques
- Biz tech solutions
- Misr Edco Shipping Co.
- Nesma Group (Saudi)
- Seattle Lighthouse
- Pan Nesma Group (Saudi)
- Peace Shield Project
- Hughes Aircraft
- Pan Hughes Aircraft
- Namma Cargo (Saudi)
- Namma Trade (Saudi)
- Waka Auto & Equipment, Inc.
- Alex Shipping & Navigation Co.
- Egyptian British Building Company EBB.
- Egypt British Hospital EBH